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Angamardhana - An Intense Workout for Yogi & Yoginis

Angamardhana, a phenomenally powerful exercise rooted in Yoga. Angamardhana literally meaning you've gained mastery over your limbs, it exercises both the physical body as well as the energy body shaping one's self to preparing for higher levels of Hatha Yoga. Angamardhana strengthens the underlining fabric of tissues and ligaments which now a days is now being exercised by modern gym routines and targeted muscle regimes. Tissues and ligaments are hot spots for sports and old age injuries. In order to live a long working life, this fundamental fabric that holds the skeletal system and the muscular system together must be strengthened to support the body in which ever way it demands.

"If strength and resilience is what you are looking for, you need to strengthen the fundamental fabric of the body. This is what Angamardana does." - Sadhguru

Angamardhana is not like Yogasanas, it is an explosive yogic workout routine that does not need any kind of equipment. Just a 6X6 space around you. Using the sole momentum of your physical body, it builds a certain tenacity and strength to prepare your body. Angamardhana is a unique system of workout which is almost lost in our current days due to misconception of Yoga, particularly in the West. Yoga in the West has taken all kinds of turns and is getting bombarded by new methodologies developed by modern day Yoga practitioner. It takes a certain sense of sacrifice to realize that the way it has come is much more efficient than the non-sense we add to it.

Angamardhana - The Anatomy of Angamardhana:

Angamardhana - Mastering Your Limbs: