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Cleansing of the Elements within! The Bhuta Shuddhi process.

According to the Yogic Science, the entire creation is a play of just 5 elements. Earth, water, fire, air and space. These 5 elements are referred to as Pancha Bhutas literally meaning the 5 elements. All other practice is just an extract of the Bhuta Shuddhi system whether that be a Pranayama, Asanas or else.

Essentially by reorganizing the 5 elements within and in addition by imprinting a certain memory to the very elements, one can take charge of how these elements play with each other. Sadhguru mentions that slowly over a period of time, the elements within you should take instructions from you.

"Your bhuta shuddhi should happen with a sense of devotion and love. Your mind, your emotions, your energy, your physical body – everything should be involved in this." - Sadhguru

Bhuta Shuddhi means the cleansing of the 5 elements. By constant practice, one can reach to a state known as Bhuta Siddhi. This means one has a certain mastery over the elements. If one can take charge of the elements within, Sadhguru mentions it doesn't take long to gain a certain mastery over the elements around you. Some people are already doing Bhuta Shuddhi unconsciously.

Here are a few tips influence the elements within: